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  • Why is my device leaking?
    Reason 1 = Over saturated cotton This can happen if you have not used your device for a long period of time and the cotton has soaked up a lot of liquid. The leaking could be coming out of the airflow holes or the bottom of the pod. If the device has been filled incorrectly and liquid has been put down the mouthpiece into the centre of the coil you will have the same problem. Solution = Try giving the device a good shake into a piece of tissue to get any excess liquid out if this doesn’t solve the problem then press the fire button to burn off the leftover liquid. Be very careful when dry firing as you do not want to burn your coil out. Reason 2 = Old coil When a coil is burnt out or it is time to change coils it will be a lot less efficient the cotton will not be as absorbent and e-liquid will pass through and leak through the bottom. Solution = Changing coils will solve this problem. Reason 3 = Coil not fitted correctly if the coil is not fitted correctly liquid will come through the threads or it is a push fit coil the liquid will get past the washer and leak into the bottom of the tank. Solution = Try reinstalling the coil making sure it is a tight fit. Reason 4 = Cracked glass This is the most obvious cause for leaking. Solution = Check your glass. If it has a crack replace it. Spare glass is available for most tanks. Reason 5 = Using the wrong liquid if the wrong liquid is used this can cause leaking. For example if you are using a sub tank and put 50/50 liquids it can be too thin and pass through the large wick holes too easily causing it to leak through into the base and come out of the airholes. Likewise when using a MTL device if you put high VG liquid in it will be too thick to wick properly and cause dry hits and your coil to burn out. Reason 6 = Faulty or Damaged Seals or O rings If you are using a tank these are the rubber washers that provide a seal and prevent the liquid leaking out. Solution = Check your o rings for any damage. You should have spare ones in the box your tank came in.
  • My Device shows message "No Atomiizer""
    If your device will not fire and there is a message on screen saying no atomiser this I normally because there is a problem with the connection on the tank or pod and the device. There are a few things you can do to try and solve this problem. If you are using a device with replaceable coils check the coil is installed properly. If it is not a connection will not be made. Wipe the metal contacts on the bottom of the tank or pod and in the device. Sometimes if they are dirty or wet the connection will not be made properly. If either of these do not work try installing a new coil or pod. It could be faulty or need replacing.
  • My Device will not fire
    The simplest reason for this and first to check is that it is turned on. Most devices turn off after five rapid clicks of the fire button. If you are vaping a lot it is easy to turn your device off. I have had many customers return to the shop because of this. Check your coil or pod. Again if the coil is faulty or needs replacing it could be the reason the device will not fire. A flashing light normally indicates this problem. Check your coil is the correct one for the device. For example a tank may take a range of coils but if your device does not have the power to run that coil it will not fire. If this does not solve the problem the fault could be with the device.
  • My Device will not turn on
    If your device will not turn on there could be a number of reasons why. If your device takes replaceable batteries check they are installed the correct way round and do not replacing if they are old. Check the device or batteries are charged. If these simple checks do not solve the problem the device could be broken. A local vape shop should be able to check this and advise you what your options are.
  • My device will not charge
    If your device will not charge it doesn’t necessarily mean it is broken. Check the terminals in the charging port on the device. If they are broken the device will not charge. They are not replaceable and you will need a new device. They can break from forcing the charging lead in too hard or if the charging lead pulls on them when charging. For example if the charging port is at the top of the mod and it is charged standing up the lead will pull down on the port. check if a charging light comes on on the device when it is plugged in. Try cleaning the bit on the lead that plugs in to the device with a cotton bud. Check the charging port on the device to make sure it is not filled with pocket fluff and give it a gentle clean with the cotton bud too. Try using the lead to charge a different device. If it will not charge another device the problem could be the charging lead. If you have a device with replaceable batteries you can also check the batteries themselves. Take the batteries out and clean the terminals and connections in the device.
  • Whats the difference between "Pod" , "Tank" or "AIO" devices"
    Pod, Tank and All in One Device (AIO) are all different types vaping devices. POD System A pod system is probably the smallest most pocket friendly option. Depending on which pod system you choose they come with open pods which can be refilled with your choice of liquid until the coil burns out or closed pods which come pre filled and are disposable once the liquid has run out. Closed pods are more costly as they cannot be refilled but are a much simpler to use. As pod systems are usually small battery life can be a problem and they may need a charge during the day but with most new devices using usb c charging this does not take very long. Pod systems usually have a set wattage so you can not increase or decrease power. This makes using the pod system easier and will mean the pod will last longer. Tank System Using a tank can give you the most options to use it how you prefer. You can choose from different coils and adjust airflow to exactly how you like it. Tanks can be used on any device (mod) and tend to be used on variable wattage devices so you can increase or decrease power depending on which coil you are using at the time. I would say using a tank is more likely to give you problems with leaking than the other options. This is because there is more possibility of using the wrong liquid for the coil, the option of controlling the wattage and controlling the amount of airflow. AIO (All In One) An AIO is a compact vape that comes in a simple one or two-piece design. I would describe the AIO as mix of the previous two devices. They may have a pod with a replaceable coil. Or the tank within the device with a replaceable coil. An AIO may also have adjustable wattage .
  • What Is E-Liquid?
    E-Liquid is used inside an e-cigarette (also known as vape or vape device) which is heated up by the device to create vapour. E -Liquid is made from: Propylene Glycol or (PG) – a food-safe additive used in pre-packaged foods & medicines. Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – a plant oil derivation that’sthe main ingredient in our VG eliquid range. Propylene Glycol PG isn’t absorbed by the body, and has been used by pharmaceutical companies for decades with no ill effects. Vegetable Glycerin VG is used as an artificial sweetener and thickener (look out for it in ice creams) by the food industry, but for our purposes it creates large, thick, billowing clouds of vapour. It’s present in all vape juices, just like PG is, but the more VG you have, the bigger the clouds. Flavourings – As you’d expect, flavourings provide the flavour. Whether you’re vaping tobacco, mint or something specific like a New Yorker cheesecake eliquid, it all contains food-safe flavourings, just like you’d find in a bag of sweets or a flavoured drink.
  • What are Nic Salts
    Nicotine Salts or Nic Salts is just normal e-liquid but with the nicotine added in such a way that the nicotine gets into your blood quicker, making it feel like you have had a few puffs of a cigarette a lot quicker. This method also means the e-liquid is a little sweeter as the nicotine taste is less noticable.
  • What is "Shortfills""
    Shortfills is regular E-Liquid but sold in mainly 50ml or 100ml bottles but is available in larger sizes. The ratio of the PG/VG in shortfill liquid changes to 70VG and 30 PG English law dictates that bottles larger than 10ml cannot contain nicotine, so for all shortfill liquids nicotine is provided seperately which you add to the liquid and mix in. There is a maximum dose of nicotine for shortfill liquids 50ml 1 bottle 18mg Nicotine will make 50ml bottle 3mg nicotine strength 2 bottles 18mg Nicotine will make 50ml bottle 6mg nicotine strength 100ml 1 bottle 18mg Nicotine will make 100ml bottle 1.5mg nicotine strength 2 bottles 18mg Nicotine will make 100ml bottle 3mg nicotine strength
  • What is Mouth to Lung (MTL)
    Mouth To Lung (MTL) mimicks the act of inhaling a cigarette or a roll up These devices tend to be a lot smaller and pocket friendly. Will produce a similar draw to that of a cigarrete or roll up. As the coils used in these devices tend to be smaller they use thinner liquids. 50/50 or nic salt e liquid are better in these coils. These liquids are available in higher strengths which make quitting smoking easier. As these devices tend to be smaller they have less battery power but this should be sufficient to last a day as the coils should run at 20 W or less. A MTL device will produce a lot less vapour than a DTL device.
  • What is Direct to Lung (DTL)
    Direct to Lung (DTL) is when you inhale smoke directly into the lungs and then it is exhaled producing a larger cloud of vapour. These devices are usually larger with increased battery life as the coils used in them run at much higher wattages than a mtl device. They can have a built in battery or use rechargeable batteries. They come with single or dual batteries. The tanks used on these devices are called sub ohm tanks. They take larger coils which run at higher power. These coils will have larger wick holes ( the holes where you can see the white cotton through the side. As they have larger wick holes a thicker liquid (higher VG) is best used with them. Sub ohm tanks have much more airflow. You can control the amount of airflow but even at its smallest it still produces an airy draw unlike smoking a cigarette. These devices use higher VG liquids therefore produce a lot more vapour. Higher VG content + higher wattage means clouds of vapour. Due to TPD regulations any eliquid in a bottle larger than 10 MLS cannot contain nicotine so high VG liquids come in shortfill bottles and the nicotine is added seperately. This means high VG liquids can not really have a high nicotine level without sacrificing the flavour of the liquid.
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