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About Us

Bromley Vape Company is an E-Cigarette shop based in Coney Hall, Bromley owned and run by vapers. Opened as Elliott Vapes since 2015 the shop has been rebranded to create "BVC" (Bromley Vape Company) in March 2020. 

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We are passionate about helping out quitting buying tobacco.


Visit our comfy environment, have a chat and sample our E-liquids or Devices.  Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while finding one that works for you have

The shop now also has online store with a massive range our recommended products available to view and purchase.


BVC are now regulated and working with local stop smoking services to assist with people quitting conventional cigarettes.

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We stock a wide range of vaping equipment to suit everyone from those looking for their first starter kit, to more experienced users, we are friendly and knowledgeable and  if you need anything from coils and a bottle of juice to advice on getting a new electronic device, pop in and see us.

Errol & Wayne

Bromley Vape

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