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Vaping & Trading Under Lockdown

We continue to try! and trade and operate a contact free delivery service provided free to all local customers during this government lockdown. You can see from the picture below we are either lucky or unlucky!!! ... regardless let's continue to follow guidelines and shop from home and adapt to a new chapter in all our lives...contact free contact??


To all local customers (within 3 miles)

To all key workers

To the retired or those self isolating

Over 3 miles - Orders £30+ or £4.00 charge

CALL 07520 649 192 10AM - 10PM


You can now view a large range of our most popular products using our new online store and order directly.

We are updating the products regularly as well as adding lots of help and advice sections to assist with using your e-cigarettes, coils, pods and liquids so please check back regularly or subscribe to receive notifications of new items added


Most of our products are associated with nicotine and have an over 18 rating, as a result we cannot accept payments over the phone.

You can complete your whole transaction online or supply an email address we will send an invoice which you pay online. We will collect cash on delivery if needed, but please consider paying online if at all possible to conform with guidelines.


We are offering 30% of all items to all Key Workers, NHS, Royal Mail and Our Police Services.

Regular customers can benefit from discounts not available online by contacting us directly or by subscribing to get offers sent directly to your email


The shop premises remain closed until the restrictions are lifted we will update the site with any change in circumstances.

For those who would like to visit the shop, each Monday between 12-3pm we restock the shop and permit access to the shop under the social distancing guidelines. Gloves, Masks & Hand Sanitizer are available on request to assist all.

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